Stacey KimbrellStacey Kimbrell is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Chemical Awareness Advocate, nationally known Speaker, Author of Living Balanced, and Founder of Living Anointed. Her journey started when she picked up a tube of toothpaste and read this on the label, “If you accidentally swallow, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.” She was horrified by the number of chemicals and unidentifiable ingredients found in the very products her family used on a daily basis. Turning her anger into something positive, she purposefully researched the chemicals found in common cleaning supplies, cosmetics, personal care products, baby products, and foods. The more knowledge she obtained, the more convinced she was that her family’s health issues stemmed from toxic poisoning.

Born in Oceanside California and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, Kimbrell moved back to California from the time she was 18-32 years old.  She moved back to Michigan and currently lives in Flint.

Kimbrell calls the year of 2007 the year hope was restored and the time her family took their first step towards improving their health habits. If you would have told her that her children would eat a carrot on their own, turn away from Hawaiian punch, her incurable bladder disease (interstitial cystitis) would be cured, or that she would be able to read well, she states she would not have believed you. The amazingly short amount of time it took for her family’s health and emotional turnaround was one of the multiple miracles she has witnessed.

Kimbrell goes on to explain, “My family’s bodies are now disease and illness free. We are finally able to think and lovingly communicate clearly. We had no idea, or ever considered the dangerous chemicals in our foods, drinks or skin care, or how they affected our temper, behavior, and health. Without neurotoxins clogging our brains, we are now able to think clearly. We are able to stop and rationalize before reacting. Previously, there was yelling and anger. Now there are words spoken in love and kindness towards one another. I’m excited! I hope that my family’s story can encourage you to take the first steps towards healing and restoration of your body, mind, and spirit.”  They noticed a difference in just a few weeks. Hope literally turned into reality for the Kimbrell family.

By reading Living Balanced, you will explore many different ways to heal your body and restore your health. It doesn’t matter where you live or your income level, there are things you can do to improve your health. Kimbrell took back or threw away all of her family’s toxic chemicals, changed their diet to whole food nutrition, started drinking healthy juices, and consumed healthy sources of vitamins, herbs, and oils.  They came off all prescription and over the counter medication. Since, they have been healed of dermatitis, eyesight issues (Kimbrell use to wear glasses), long healing recovery, chronic sinusitis, allergies, depression, constipation, lung infections, dyslexia, ADHD (Kimbrell’s son’s learning disabilities), staphylococcus infections, cellulitis, hemorrhoids, interstitial cystitis, bad attitudes and tempers.

Having worked in the medical field for 14 years, Kimbrell has knowledge of the body and how it functions. “I was taught to give the patient temporary relief by dealing with the symptoms. I now look at the root cause of a problem. Your body will automatically start to correct itself when you deal with the cause of your health issue and not the symptoms. Thanks to that seminar on healthy living, I have officially dedicated my life to the ministry of educating people who want to heal and/or restore their body to a healthy, pain free, synthetic drug free way of life. My new goal is to continue in this field and be in a place to help others to do the same,” states Kimbrell.

She says that, “the hardest part of my job now is trying to help those who don’t love or respect themselves.”  Everyone should take responsibility and respect themselves. This is the best thing you can do if you have children. It will teach them to do the same. Children will model your actions.  Create a positive, health conscious environment so they will grow up with a healthy amount of self-esteem, confidence, and knowledge of who they are and what they represent.

Kimbrell believes that our health success requires us to rethink what we have been taught and to question what we are told.  She emphasizes that our society is not getting any healthier, so you will have to retrain your brain. America spends the most on health care among the largest nations, yet we are the most health-troubled nation in the world. America also produces and consumes the most diet products in the world, yet we continue to widen the gap on the rest of the world with our widening waistlines. It’s not rocket science! Something is wrong with this picture! It does not matter what your spiritual belief is. Once you hear the truth, you are then accountable for it. She says she doesn’t want you to take her word for this. She is enthusiastic about researching for yourself to find the answers.

Living Balanced is going to point out some of the bad things you have been doing unknowingly. The foods you use, the way you prepare certain foods, some of the products you use, maybe even some of the staples your family currently depends on could be bad for you and your health. However, you will find what you need in the pages to show you how to change things to help improve your health and life. Some people fear change. Kimbrell encourages change.  She believes if you can find a way to improve your family, your community, and yourself then why not strive to do so?

The advice Kimbrell gives to start on your new health journey is to not get overwhelmed. She goes on to say, “Take baby steps. First think about your life right now. Can it be improved? If so, then read this book. What do you have to lose? You likely have more to gain than you have to lose. Education is the key! Once you read it, just start making some of the necessary changes to move forward, then make some more. In a month or two, you can be on your way to a whole new body, mind, and spirit! I have seen it happen so many times. It happened to me!”

She warns that you will likely be upset when you find out the actions of big business, manufacturers and sometimes even the government. Some things they have either allowed to happen or made happen to the public, simply out of greed. Don’t waste your time in anger; it will only slow down your healing process.

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