Get Smart About Your Finances!

Many of you have asked for more financial informational events, and here it is! Latisha is one of our W2W supporters and you may remember her from the fashion show at our Expo last fall.
She is passionate about educating people (especially women) about finances so they can live their best life and be prepared. As a young adult Latisha had many questions about the financial market which led her to find answers that made sense. She will teach us in easy-to-understand terms just what it all means.
If you know that you need more financial planning but have no idea how, make sure that you do not miss this!

5:30-6:30 Food, FUN, and friends! (cocktails and menu available)
7:00-8:00 Speaker
Gather in the bar if you’d like to continue the fun.

Tickets are only $5! Order them here:
For more information email at [email protected]

Save these dates: May 23, June 27, for the next Pick Your Passion events.


Knowledge is power! Come learn how to take charge of your health, home, and wellness by detoxing it all!

Stacy Kimbrell is the author of the book “Living Balanced”. She is an advocate for holistic health, wellness, and chemical awareness, teaching individuals and families how to make educated decisions on their health.

Kat Lage can teach you how to improve your quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in your home. She can help you save money by using products that don’t need chemicals to work.

Both of these ladies will have items for sale.

Register for your spot here, please. $5

Includes prize drawings.


5:30    Gather to socialize and network. Dinner and drinks are available for those who want to order                     off the menu.

6:45    Start program

8:00-8:30  Dismiss. Gather in the bar if you’d like to continue the fun.




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We had a wonderful time at our first 2019 Pick Your Passion event, which was our cover girl, Tonya Ketzler’s book signing. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming Pick Your Passion events.




W2W is excited to have this issue’s cover girl, Tonya Ketzler, speak at our first 2019 Pick Your Passion event! She will have her brand-new book of poems, Loving Hard, for purchase and signing.

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