Living Her Truth

Monica SholarMy Dust: I’m Under Construction an inspirational book.

In Please Pardon my Dust, Monica explores the lessons she learned on her journey to becoming an author and entrepreneur.  In the book, she also shares the inspiring stories of other now-successful Michigan women entrepreneurs. They are all ‘living proof’ of what it takes to survive and thrive in the unique challenges we face in Michigan.

“As a teen mom with no college degree, I barely made it out of the East side.  After high school, I bounced from low paying job to low paying job and got married, hoping that would rescue me from the rut I was in. It didn’t.  My marriage ended the day my husband came home angry because he couldn’t reach me on my cell phone. He kicked our front door down and collared me against the wall while making threats. I was shaken enough to file for divorce.”


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