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Jodi Dale

Love Battle

Meet Jodi Dale, a creative woman who enjoys writing, boxing, working out, wine, ‘therapy sessions’ with her girlfriends, traveling, and a passion for the Florida Keys.  Raised near Alpena, Jodi says, “my roots are country but I have enjoyed living outside of Detroit for the past 20 years.”

Jodi is also a mother who lost her beautiful son, Dane, to mental illness and heroin addiction. His struggle and death brought her soul’s work sharply into focus.

For 12 years, they struggled together to find therapy and medication for his severe mental illnesses.  “Five years into this struggle, Dane began self medicating with heroin so I had to scramble to learn everything I could about this horrifying development.  Dane and I were in most every mental and rehab facility in Macomb and Wayne County as we searched for the right path to help him.”

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