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Mardi Jo Link

Relentlessly Determined

Mardi Jo Link’s book The Drummond Girls: A Story of Fierce Friendship Beyond Time and Change is a book that might just inspire a personal revolution. Her memoir of eight friends on an annual weekend getaway to Drummond Island in Northern Michigan is described by Link as, “A group of energetic misfits pools their resources, leaves their familiar confines in a huff, docks in a strange land, and parties like Vikings.”

The book will leave you longing to start your own group and travel to an isolated destination for some purposeful debauchery and bonding.

Link has written five books, and is the Heartland bestselling author of the critically acclaimed memoir Bootstrapper. This book won the Great Lakes, Great Reads Booksellers Choice Award. She is also the author of Wicked Takes the Witness Stand: A Tale of Murder and Twisted Deceit in Northern Michigan, When Evil Came to Good Hart and Isadore’s Secret.

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