Suzana YoungMeet Suzanne Young – mother of 4, grandmother of 5, wife and life-long Michigander.
She is also the author of Stepping into a Life of Joy, an inspirational speaker and a life coach for women, specializing in spirituality and the Law of Attraction. “I began intentionally living my life with joy in 2005 and realized I’m very young at heart and enjoy living life to the fullest.”
Suzanne’s life wasn’t always this way. Even though she grew up in a loving family, she developed very low self-esteem because she was the only over-weight person in her family. She was put on a diet at age 10 and wondered why she was so different from other family members.
At 19, she married the first boy who showed an interest in her. They were married 20 years and had 4 children, but over time, he turned into a verbally abusive, alcoholic man. “I felt stuck in the marriage because I believed you stay married forever for the sake of the children – even if it’s miserable.”
“Luckily a girlfriend introduced me to UndercoverWear, a lingerie home party company. I decided to try selling it just to get out of the house. When I asked my husband for the money to buy a lingerie kit, he claimed I would never be successful because I knew nothing about sales and was too fat. So I paid my daughter to babysit her little brothers and within 3 years I was making as much money as my husband – an engineer with Cadillac.”
No longer willing to expose her children to an abusive father, Suzanne knew she had to change her belief system and get out.
For 10 years, she raised her children as a single parent before she met and married again. Several years later, she realized she was in another miserable marriage. “He was my second verbally abusive, alcoholic husband who was also leading a double life. This moment became the turning point in my life. I had to know: what did I need to learn so I would never create another unhappy relationship.”
She continued her UndercoverWear work as a Divisional Leader. For 28 years, she trained and coached about 150 women on how to book shows, increase retail party sales and recruit other women to grow their own businesses. “I also taught them how to use the power of their thoughts to get the best results from their parties.”
Applying this idea to her own life, she understood what she needed to move forward and lead a happy life. She met Kevin during a meditation class and they became best friends, fell in love and got married. It was then she knew she wanted to help more women so she left UndercoverWear and became a life coach.
She and her husband opened their own company, Personal Success Programs which offers workshops on the Law of Attraction.
“I am passionate about helping women learn that they never have to settle for less. Once I turned my life around, I knew my purpose was to help women become more self-empowered. My recipe for success includes combining a deeper understanding of spirituality with the Law of Attraction.”
The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. This universal law uses the power of the mind to translate our thoughts and materialize them into reality.
Suzanne teaches women about the power of their thoughts and how they can change the quality of their life by changing the quality of their thoughts.
The book’s cover quote: “Her book, Stepping into a Life of Joy is part autobiography and part Law of Attraction primer. Suzanne writes with wisdom and humility. The love in her heart shines through as she encourages us to investigate this immutable Law and incorporate these principles into our life to create more ease, love and joy for ourselves.”
It is currently available on Amazon Kindle or you can download a free kindle app from Amazon to read it on another electronic device. The paperback version will be released in April 2017.
“My favorite quote is from Maya Angelo: ‘When you know better, you do better.’ This is my life in a nutshell because when I knew better I let go of old dis-empowering beliefs and stepped into being the decision maker for my life.”
Contact Suzanne Young about coaching or speaking to your group at: [email protected]