Master LyleIn my 30+ years as a martial arts instructor, not a week goes by that I don’t connect with a woman who either has been victimized herself; has a child who is being bullied at school or on the bus; or is simply fearful that she or her family might become the next target.

That’s why I’ve become passionate about teaching women how to transform themselves. I help them transform from Women…into “Warrior Women.”

What do I mean by “Warrior Women?”

That term might make you think about “packing a pistol” or spending thousands of hours training to fight.

Although some of my best, long-term martial arts students started out by simply wanting to learn some self-defense moves, learning to fight is NOT a requirement to be one of today’s “Warrior Women.”

My definition:

A “Warrior Woman” is fully equipped with more powerful energy, creative inspiration, incredible self-confidence, and deep intuition and vision – so she is no longer an attractive target for any kind of predator.

Our lives have become so incredibly busy that all of us have become distracted.  We’re checking our phones, listening to music, playing games, posting selfies on Facebook, or having a text-chat with a friend.

We get so distracted that our situational awareness — that important activity of “tuning in” to what is happening around us — has disappeared.

You aren’t giving your intuition a chance to alert you about the guy who has been watching you pick-up your kids at school, or the stalker who has been following 50 steps behind you since you got off the bus — because you are completely distracted.

I want to help you change all of that.

Any woman can learn to be a Warrior Woman.

I’m going to teach you the simple steps, strategies, and techniques over the next year — in several ways.

I’ve teamed-up with “Women 2 Women” in 2017 to empower and transform its subscribers — like you.

First – watch for my articles in each issue where I will focus on a specific “Warrior Woman” transformation exercise.

Second – “Women 2 Women” is sponsoring/hosting my “Power-Up” classes throughout the state all year long.  I’d love to meet you at an upcoming class in-person.  (Go to: for more details)

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I was bullied and victimized throughout my entire childhood.  I’ve dedicated my life to prevention.

This year, I want to help you transform into a “Warrior Woman.”