It’s All About YOU! Self-love At Any Age. Speaker Series #3 April 26, 2018

Lisa Thompson is the owner of and one of her missions is to help women love themselves, because she knows how that affects mental and physical health. She has a great story to tell. You won’t want to miss her. She will also bring her shirts to sell (see which have inspiring messages on them. She’s sold many, to women just like you, who want inspiration to remind them to be their best selves.

**There will be some other vendors there too, from 5:30-6:30, for shopping and information-gathering during the first hour, and afterward.

*Take advantage of our special ticket pricing for this event–2 for $20. Or a table of 8 for $70.


5:30-6:30~ Order your food and drinks from the great selections on the menu. Visit our vendors.

6:30-8:00~ program

Afterward, you are welcome to mingle with your friends for drinks and visiting.

You may purchase tickets HERE.